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  • Interest on the mortgage loan is tax deductible 

  • Changes can be made to the building to accommodate your business 

  • You can take annual depreciation deductions on taxes 

  • No rent increases 

  • You can benefit if you sell when the market is good 

  • If you end up with excess space, you can lease out the extra 

  • No set hours of business 

  • You can stay at that location as long as you wish



  • Usually requires a lot more initial capital to secure financing 

  • Property values may decline 

  • Owning real estate subjects the owner to various legal and regulatory risks not associated with leasing 

  • Requires owners to invest much time and energy in matters that are not its business, unless property is part of a unit owners association 

  • Inexperienced owners operate their real estate inefficiently and increase operating costs.


  • Credit ratings are not quite as crucial compared to buying. 

  • Don’t need to worry about selling if moving to a new location 

  • Your monthly rent is a tax deduction as a business expense. 

  • You have the freedom to sublet or move if need be at the expiration of the lease. 

  • No loss if owning in a bad market.



  • Rental rates with annual escalations based on market conditions. 

  • Loss of the reversion or the value of the property at lease end. 

  • No equity buildup. 

  • Tenant may HAVE to move at the end of the lease.

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